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Happy Customers

Pizza and wings are fantastic!! Delivery drivers have always been super friendly and usually get our order before the estimated time.
Best pizza in Grande Prairie! Always lots of toppings and perfect every time!
Jody G
Best pizza I have had in 5 yrs! Delivery guy was very personable
Great Pizza, great service every time we order.
The very best pizza in town EVERY TIME I order from Ramona's.
Best in GP! Delicious pizza, and friendly quick delivery.
High Marks! Awesome pizza–best pizza in Grande Prairie!
Celine Cowell
Best pizza EVER!!
The pizza is great every time!
Val Authenac
Best take out pizza I've had in this city yet! Delish with lots of toppings and tasty....best take out pizza I've had in this city yet!
It's the best pizza in Grande Prairie! Also, we are originally from NB and you guys make the best donairs! We love Ramonas!
Kelly Dickinson
Delicious Local Food; Great Price Ramona's Pizza leaves you wanting more in a good way. Lots of toppings to choose from, friendly personal service and a really good Greek salad!
Rogan Ravenwood
Excellent Pizza and Prices Ramona’s is the BEST PIZZA in Grande Prairie, hands down! Plus, they have the best prices and great customer service.
Anonymous Reviewer
Great Flavour 
Have been going to Ramona's Pizza for about 30 years and have always been pleased. Excellent pizza for takeout!
Anonymous Reviewer
Best Pizza in Grande Prairie Lots of toppings and loaded with cheese! Really great pizza!
Anonymous Reviewer
Best Pizza in Town The special is terrific and has plenty of toppings. Very reasonably priced!
Don S.
Best pizzas in town!!! Great friendly service every time 🙂 My family has be getting food here over 20 years and will continue to do so! Looking forward to your new location as I live north of GP. Thanks to all the staff at Ramona's Pizza!!!!!!
Try the Ramona's Special!  I arrived in Grande Prairie when I was 4 years old and Ramona's was the first pizza I ever had. I've been eating Ramona's for over 30 years. This is a local, family-run business owned by good hard-working people who care. And the pizza is amazing!
Richard Podsada
BEST, BEST, BEST in Grande Prairie!
Ramona’s is the place to get takeout pizza. Homemade and loaded . . . did I say LOADED with toppings and more cheese than should be allowed on a pizza. I have lived here for 30 years and we always get Ramona's Pizza!
Anonymous Reviewer
Great Pizza This place has been in business forever! They have great pizza. There are other items on the menu, although I’ve never tried them. Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the building—the pizza is great. If you pick up your order instead of having it delivered, you get a deal.
Anonymous Review
Always perfectly cooked and loaded with excellent toppings, sauce and cheese! My family and I have been buying Ramona's Pizza since they opened 35 years ago and have never had one problem, with eat in, pick-up, or delivery! Always perfectly cooked and loaded with excellent toppings, sauce and cheese! Sometimes we have to wait a while, but that's OK. When you are as good as they are, you get busy, and I understand the pizza ovens only cook so many in a given time, and the pizza is always so good it's worth waiting for!! By far the best in Grande Prairie!!
Best Pizza in Town Ramona's Pizza has the tastiest pizza ever. The Meat Lovers pizza is amazing and has loads of meat—one piece and you’re full but I ate two because it was sooo good!
Eugene C.
Best Pizza—Loaded with Toppings  Best pizza in Grande Prairie! The pizzas are loaded with toppings and always cooked just right. I have been ordering from Ramona's for 16 years now and they never disappoint . . . you will not find pizzas that are lacking in toppings . . . that is never a problem here!
Anonymous Reviewer
Lots of Toppings and Cheese without Having to Pay Extra The pizza was amazing! We've been looking for somewhere that makes terrific pizza since moving here. We've tried about 10 different pizza places and kept getting the "college student" type of pizza with a whole lot of crust and almost no toppings or cheese. Ramona's has lots of toppings, lots of cheese (without paying for extra) and excellent sauce.
Anonymous Reviewer